Bathroom Accessories

Central Marble Products, Inc. offers many bathroom accessories made in cultured marble, onyx or granite including: soap and shampoo holders, toilet paper holders and trim.

corner 2-shelf soap and shampoo holder

Corner 2-Shelf Soap & Shampoo Holder

corner 2-shelf soap and shampoo holder diagram
corner 3 shelf soap and shampoo holder

Corner 3-Shelf Soap & Shampoo Holder

corner 3 shelf soap and shampoo holder diagram

molded soap and shampoo holder

Molded Soap & Shampoo Holder

At your request soap and shampoo holders can be molded to fit into your wall panel. They can be located anywhere on your wall panel.

recessed single piece soap holder

Recessed Single Piece Soap/Shampoo Unit

recessed single piece soap and shampoo holder

recessed shampoo holder

Recessed Shampoo Holder

recessed shampoo holder diagram
recessed soap holder

Recessed Soap Holder

recessed soap holder diagram

surface mount soap dish

Surface Mount Soap Dish

surface mount soap dish diagram

Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

recessed toilet paper holder diagram

Wall Niche

Wall Panel Niche

Wall Panel Niche Diagram
Shampoo Shelf

Shampoo Shelf

Shampoo Shelf Diagram

Custom Shower Seats

Bench Style

Custom Shower Seat Bench Style

Drop Edge with Apron

Custom Shower Seat Drop Edge with Apron

NEO Angle

Custom Shower Seat NEO Angle