Bathroom Bowls

Central Marble Products offers a large variety of bowl styles. Bowls can match your counter top or you can use contrast while selecting a two-tone top and bowl.

* Bowl Upcharge

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Wave bowl shown.

wave bowl

Bar Sink*- No photo available.

bar sink diagram

Canadian Oval*

canadian oval photo
canadian oval diagram

Classic Shell* - No photo available.

classic shell diagram

Classic Oval*

Classic Oval Photo
classic oval diagram

Classic Space Saver*

classic space saver
classic space saver diagram

Crystal Bowl*

crystal bowl photo
crystal bowl diagram

Diamond Bowl*

diamond bowl
diamond bowl diagram

Elegant Oval*

elegant oval photo
elegant oval diagram

Elegant Shell*

elegant shell photo
elegant shell diagram

Large Diamond Bowl*

large diamond photo
large diamond diagram


malibu photo
malibu diagram

Man's Basin*

mans basin photo
mans basin diagram


maui photo
maui diagram

Mini-Man's Basin*

mini-mans basin photo
mini-mans basin diagram

Mini-Wave Bowl*

mini-wave bowl photo
mini wave bowl diagram

Space Saver

space saver photo
space saver diagram

Standard Oval

standard oval
standard oval diagram

Standard Shell

standard shell photo
standard shell diagram

Wave Bowl*

wave bowl photo
wave bowl diagram